The SR-X™ Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System from Quanterix is an economical and compact system, driven by Simoa® bead technology. It offers scientists access to ultra-sensitive biomarker detection capabilities.

The SR-X has been built to perform multiplex detection of up to six analytes per well, with low volume necessities, thus increasing throughput and productivity while preserving valuable samples.

A wide-ranging menu of Simoa assay kits is available to quantify vital biomarkers with considerably higher sensitivity when compared to regular immunoassay techniques, thereby allowing the detection of both acute and normal levels with high precision over a variety of sample types.

The Quanterix SR-X also offers scientists extra flexibility required to produce assays to detect nucleic acid and protein biomarkers direct from blood without the need for error-prone, complex pre-analytical extraction and amplification steps. This exclusive ability allows measurement of ultra-sensitive nucleic acid levels such as miRNA, without PCR.

Key Features of the SR-X Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System

  • Compact instrument with integrated touchscreen control and all-inclusive data analysis tools
  • Multiplex detection without sacrificing specificity or sensitivity
  • Easy two-step or three-step workflow with limited requirement of user intervention
  • Simple custom assay development for the detection of proteins and circulating nucleic acids
  • Monthly or daily user maintenance is not required