Proven reliability and performance have made UltraClean II a popular choice for practices who need to meet best practice standards for the thorough cleaning of instruments prior to sterilization.

Now with the additional flexibility of a choice of bench top or under bench machines to allow you to choose the decontamination solution best suited to your requirements.

Powerful flushing from wash arms at the top and bottom of the machine ensures that hollow or complex instruments are thoroughly cleansed of all contaminants, whilst the forced hot air drying ensures they are completely dry and ready for sterilization.

  • Fully compliant to the requirements of EN 15883, HTM 2030 and EN 1717
  • A choice of 3 cycles – all with a guaranteed performance for high precision and maximum energy efficiency
  • Forced hot air drying – instruments are sterilization ready for the autoclave
  • Full load wash, thermal disinfect and during cycle in less than 60 minutes for fast and effective throughput of instruments
  • High load capacity – despite its compact size, UltraClean II has one of the highest capacities on the market – for cost effective cleaning
  • Self-dosing detergent for consistent results
  • Can be supplied with optional data logger or printer for easy, recordable data capture
  • RO (reverse osmosis) connection as standard