Connected, compact and intuitive

Roche’s compact Urisys 1100 analyzer is the perfect match for single test-strip analysis. Simple operation and flexible software options make the Urisys 1100 analyzer the ideal choice for medical practices, small laboratories and hospital wards seeking a cost-effective way to improve standardization of urinalysis measurement.

Improved workflow

  • Incubation, analysis and print-out occur automatically, quickly and quietly
  • Elimination of manual documentation through export of data via host connection
  • Efficient handling
  • Convenient data input via barcode reader or keyboard
  • Approx. 100 test strips/h (fast mode)

Advanced Connectivity

  • Efficient data transfer via host connectivity (unidirectional, bidirectional or ASTM)

User-friendly design

  • Simple operation
  • Rapid results
  • Easy cleaning and changing of printer rolls

High quality product

  • Accurate and precise results
  • High quality > urine test strips (internal link) as a result of years of targeted research and development
  • No interference from ascorbic acid on test strips (up to 750 mg/L), avoiding retesting and preventing false-negative results from glucose and erythrocytes (hemoglobin)
  • Compensation of strong intrinsic urine coloration reduces risk of false positive results