Efficient, reliable and convenient

The Urisys 2400 urine analyzer is designed for laboratories looking for time and cost savings through automation and convenience in system operation, such as easy reagent cassette and sample handling, extended calibration and on-board stability. Urisys 2400 urine analyzer is a fully automated urinalysis system providing enhanced walk-away capability for medium to high volume laboratories with typically more than 100 urine samples per day.


  • Automatic identification of controls via user definable control rack
  • Use of Roche Diagnostics’ standard rack for optimized total laboratory workflow
  • Fully automated operation and a walk-away time of 20 minutes when fully loaded with 75 samples (15 Roche Diagnostics standard racks)
  • Adjusts easily to different workloads with continuous rack and batch loading
  • Immediate measurement of emergency samples through dedicated STAT position


  • Patented Urisys 2400 cassette (holds 400 test strips) provides quick and convenient one-grip and one-push loading and ensures correct reagent handling
  • Extended calibration intervals of 4 weeks minimize hands-on time and costs
  • Minimal lot-to-lot variance (no lot-specific calibration necessary)
  • Test strips are stable for two weeks in a humidity-proof cassette compartment guaranteeing consistent high-quality results
  • Integrated barcode reader for sample and rack ID
  • Handling of paediatric samples like normal samples (minimum sample volume of 1.5 mL)
  • Automatic sample mixing and compensation of intrinsic urine color improves security of results
  • Approx. 240 samples/h


  • Interfacing via standard ASTM protocol


  • QC results available as both concentration and reflectance values
  • Software parameter settings include adjustable sensitivity ranges for all parameters, user-selectable flags of abnormal results and test strip sieve positive samples
  • User-friendly, intuitive software ensures easy system operation
  • Color touch screen with clearly arranged operation buttons, information areas and input fields ensure convenient user interaction

High quality

  • Accurate and precise results
  • High quality > urine test strips (internal link) as results of years of targeted research and development
  • Ascorbic acid does not interfere with test strip (up to 750 mg/L), ensuring reliable results and no false-negatives in Glucose and Blood
  • Compensation of strong intrinsic urine coloration reduces risk of false positive results