Nanosurf’s Flex-ANA is a new, innovative system that has been specifically designed to allow automated nanomechanical data acquisition and analysis. This completely automated system is based on the popular Nanosurf  FlexAFM system, and is essentially designed for nanomechanical analysis of large, rough, or uneven surfaces. So as to facilitate precise force measurements, the wide range automated translation stage in the Flex-ANA is combined with a 100 µm Z-stage fitted with a position sensor.

Key Features

  • Integrated, automated atomic force microscope
  • Real-time, 100% automated data collection, interpretation, and analysis
  • Proprietary algorithm enables nanomechanical measurements on non-uniform surfaces, and suits sample surface undulations outside the AFM’s Z-range during measurements
  • Can be used on stiff, soft, sticky, hard, smooth, or uneven samples that are transparent or opaque
  • User-friendly touchscreen software interface
  • Large X-, Y-, and Z-range is provided to house a variety of dimensions of samples


  • Cells
  • Tissue or corrugated surfaces
  • Force mapping
  • Soft and sticky materials
  • Opaque or transparent samples
  • Automated material hardness
  • Diagnostic research samples
  • Elasticity and adhesion measurements on rubber, block-copolymers, plastics, tissue scaffold and samples, soft coatings, and other uneven materials
  • Tissue or corrugated surfaces