VIVASCOPE 3000 Hand-Held Confocal Microscope from Caliber I.D.

The VIVASCOPE 3000® is a hand-held in vivo reflectance confocal microscope (RCM) for skin imaging. This imaging tool allows the operator to freely navigate the device across the skin while delivering stable, repeatable, high quality cellular-resolution images.

FDA-510(k) cleared, the VIVASCOPE 3000 affords the technician a non-invasive way to capture images and image stacks in the horizontal plane from the surface of the skin to the superficial collagen layers.

The handheld VivaScope® 3000 delivers images of living tissues in cellular resolution and real time. Due to its low weight (0,7 kg) and compact design, the handheld device is especially well-suited for everyday use. The confocal laser scanning microscope simplifies examining difficult to access skin regions.


VivaScope® 3000: Handheld confocal laser scanning microscope for in vivo use

The VivaScope 3000 delivers black and white images of living tissue in cellular resolution and real time. Due to its low weight and compact design, the handheld VivaScope 3000 is especially flexible when it comes to daily routine tasks. The portable confocal laser scanning microscope simplifies examining difficult to access skin regions such as the nose or behind the knee and delivers in vivo stable, undistorted, clear images. The VivaScope 3000 facilitates scanning large skin areas as with actinic keratosis, for example, since it works without being fixated with the tissue ring.

As with the VivaScope 1500, an in vivo, non-invasive view is possible into the epidermis and the dermis all the way down to the upper stratum reticulare. Cellular microstructures of skin can thereby be depicted cell by cell in horizontal "optical cross-sections" (approx. 5.0 µm section thickness).

The handheld device is a practical supplement for the VivaScope 1500. The VivaScope 3000 was specifically designed for use in everyday routine applications in clinics and physicians' offices. It is easy to use and saves time. A special setup or environment is not required for its use.


  • Single Frame FOV: 750 μm x 750 μm
  • Displayed Image Resolution: 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • Depth of Imaging: Superficial collagen layers
  • Laser System Classification: CDRH USFDA Class I, IEC Class 1M
  • Image Formats: Native DICOM files exportable as: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF
  • Power Source: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Regulatory Certifications and Standards: FDA 510(K) Cleared, CΕ0459


The VIVASCAN® software makes it easy to schedule patients for examinations, perform imaging examinations on areas of interest. Additionally, physicians can review, and report on images real-time or collaborate with a remote physician.


VIVASCAN operates each device in the VIVASCOPE product line. It is used on stand-alone devices, on VIVASCOPE imaging and reading systems connected by intranet within the same facility, and on systems at different facilities connected by way of the VIVANET® digital image transfer, review and storage system.