Verios XHR Scanning Electron Microscope from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Verios™ is the second generation of Thermo Fisher Scientific's leading XHR (extreme high resolution) SEM family. It provides sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30 kV and enhanced contrast needed for precise measurements on materials in advanced semiconductor manufacturing and materials science applications, without compromising the high throughput, analytical capabilities, sample flexibility and ease of traditional Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

High Resolution, High Contrast

The extraordinary low-voltage performance of the Verios, empowered by Thermo Fisher Scientific's best-in-class Elstar™ Schottky monochromated (UC) FESEM technology, provides extremely precise, surface-specific information that has been unavailable previously from other techniques. Optimal contrast selection and low dose operation is guaranteed by its advanced suite of high-sensitivity in-column and below-the-lens detectors, signal filtering and imaging capabilities.

Accurate and Flexible

The Verios also features precise, repeatable metrology, thanks to its ultra-stable design including new calibration and measurement solutions. Furthermore, accurate navigation is achieved with a five-axis 100 mm piezo-ceramic stage complemented by easy to use navigation packages. Thanks to its large chamber and high current mode, samples up to 200 mm in diameter can be accommodated, cleaned, navigated, imaged and analyzed with minimal preparation and fastest time to nanoscale information, without the need to switch to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

Key Benefits

  • Best-in-class Elstar™ Schottky FESEM with sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30 kV
  • Thermo FIsher Scientific's patented UC gun (monochromator), constant power lenses and electrostatic scanning for accurate and stable imaging
  • Consistent measurement results with the ability  to calibrate to a NIST-certified standard at high magnification
  • Beam landing energies as low as 20 eV with very high resolution for true surface characterization
  • High-sensitivity, in-column & below-the-lens detectors with signal filtering for low dose operation and optimal contrast selection
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific SmartSCAN™ to image charging samples
  • Very precise and stable, piezo-driven 100x100 mm stage in a large analytical chamber
  • Multiple navigation packages available, including fast and robust bit cell counting
  • Full analytical and prototyping capabilities