A virus is essentially an infectious agent made up of either RNA or DNA and encapsulated by a protein coat. Viruses can only replicate inside live cells and can cause a wide range of diseases, like influenza, common cold, COVID-19, AIDS and more, which affects human health and causes public health crisis.

Viruses, however, are also employed as tools in biological research.

In particular, viral vectors help introduce specific genes into cells and are employed in both gene therapy and genetics. Harmless viruses are used by viral vector vaccines to deliver genetic material that triggers immunity.

BioVision now offers a number of kits for the purification of viral nucleic acids and viruses for life science researchers.

Viruses are generally purified by density gradient ultracentrifugation using cesium chloride. Yet, ultracentrifugation is a time-consuming procedure and is restricted to the amount of cell lysates that can be processed.

The Virus Purification Kits from BioVision now ensure faster and more efficient purification of recombinant virus from infected samples, like blood or plasma, or from transfected cell culture supernatants. The kits are based on magnetic nanoparticles or column purification.

In the case of column-based kits, the viruses are initially applied to a purification column, then eluted with an elution buffer, and finally concentrated using centrifugal filters. Such kits can be used for both small samples and large-scale virus preparation.

The magnetic beads-based kits use magnetic nanoparticles to capture the viruses and are later eluted. The resultant purified virus can be used for numerous downstream applications, such as Western Blot, PCR, ELISA, viral RNA or DNA purification, transfections and more.

PEG Virus Precipitation Kit is also used to concentrate virus specimens in a few steps and can be used for numerous downstream applications. qPCR-based Virus quantification kits are also offered by Biovision to find out the viral titer in samples.

The Viral DNA and RNA Kits have been specifically designed for the rapid and efficient purification of viral RNA and DNA from plasma, serum, urine, cell culture supernatants, lymph, blood, sputum, swabs, etc.

The Viral Nucleic Acid Purification kits from BioVision use high-quality spin columns, magnetic beads or 96-Well DNA/RNA binding plates to yield highly pure RNA or DNA. This purified RNA or DNA can then be used for qRT-PCR, PCR and other downstream applications.

Key features

  • Quick, simple and convenient kits
  • Readily usable reagents
  • High yield of purified virus
  • Suitable for small sample volumes to large-scale virus preparation
  • Does not require ultracentrifugation
  • High-quality spin columns and magnetic beads
  • Highly pure viral RNA/DNA
  • Bulk quotes are also available