Walk-In Environmental Rooms with Tailor-Made Temperature Options

LTE Scientific is one of UK’s pioneer designers and manufacturers of custom-made temperature- or temperature/RH-controlled rooms.

LTE’s environmental walk-in rooms, which range from small reach-in units to large multi-compartment suites, find various applications, including:

  • Large-scale incubation
  • Stability testing for pharmaceutical products
  • Bulk cell culture
  • BOD testing
  • Shelf-life studies for an extensive range of products
  • Industrial environmental testing
  • Packaging research and trials

The environmental walk-in rooms from LTE Scientific are designed for absolute performance and reliability and typically operate within the limits specified in the ICH Guidelines. LTE Scientific can also offer custom operating conditions to satisfy the customer requirements from −20 °C to +60 °C.

Following are the features that can be integrated into the LTE Environmental Walk-In Rooms:

  • FM Global-approved room panels
  • Integrated controllers and recorder
  • Stainless steel finishes
  • Independent recorders
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Run-standby cooling equipment
  • Energy monitoring
  • 100% redundancy on environmental systems
  • Special shelving systems