X3000 X-Ray System from North Star Imaging

Small Footprint with Huge Capabilities

North Star Imaging applications specialists will help you select the best combination of X-ray source and X-ray detector for your application. Whether you need to penetrate through several inches of thick aluminum castings or focus on a gold bond wire the thickness of a human hair, we can configure the X3000 to work for your needs.

Powerful X-Ray Software

Our Innovations Team is dedicated to listening to our customers and developing new technologies to best serve their wants and needs. Each new innovation is designed to improve capabilities, increase speed, or downright create a solution the industry has never seen before.

System Specifications


  • Geometric Magnification: >2000x
  • Overall Maximum System Resolution: <500 nm


  • Comprehensive acquisition, processing and archival program with user-friendly interface
  • High performance image processing and measurement functions
  • Non-proprietary multiple image format output/input. DICONDE compliant
  • Automated program functions for fast analysis
  • Multiple window interface for display of raw image, processed image, density data, etc.
  • Computed Tomography acquisition module
  • Optional 3D Computed Tomography calibration, reconstruction and visualization
  • Optional 4D Computed Tomography
  • Available with vorteX, subpiX, and mosaiX


  • Voltage Range: 10 kV to 225 kV
  • Minimum Focal Spot Size: <500 nm
  • X-ray Tube Types: Nano-focus, Micro-focus, Mini-focus


Our applications specialists will recommend the best combination of signal to noise ratio, contrast sensitivity, and efficiency.

  • Digital X-ray Detector Types: Flat Panel (DDA)
  • Grade Options: Standard 14 bit, Premium 16bit
  • Detector Size: 40 cm x 40 cm [16 in x 16 in]


  • Maximum Sample Weight: 34 kg [75 lbs] standard
  • Scan Travel (customization available): Vertical: 61 cm [24 in], Horizontal: 28 cm [11 in], Rotation: 360° Continuous
  • Nominal Part Envelope: Diameter: 50 cm [19.5 in] Height: 61 cm [24 in]


Dimensions do not include ergo desk, generator, or microfocus controller.

  • External Dimensions:
    • Width: 263 cm [103.5 in]
    • Depth: 132 cm [51.9 in]
    • Height: 201 cm [79 in]
    • Weight: 4300 kg [9500 lbs]

All cabinets are steel/lead/steel construction that meet or exceed 21 CFR 1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012.