X50 Series X-View Digital X-ray System from North Star Imaging

X50 Series X-View Digital X-ray System from North Star Imaging

The 50 series is a five Axis, universal x-ray imaging system uniquely designed for the inspection of small objects. The small footprint of the 50 Series is ideally suited for a multitude of small objects and those larger up to 12 inches in size—a perfect fit for objects with space sensitive environments.

  • Seamless steel/lead/steel cabinet with a fit-and-finish that is unparalleled in the industry
  • Machine Tool Technology used in the motion control system ensures a long, trouble-free life

North Star Imaging, Inc. offers a complete line of x-ray imaging equipment in real time because of the integrated approach—in house design and manufacturing coordination. This advantage to offer tailored-specific systems meets the needs of the customers.


High-energy, mini-focus X-Ray sources are well-suited for general imaging applications

  • focal spots of more than 50 microns are sufficient

High-resolution applications are for micro-focus, X-Ray sources

  • focal spots as small as 5 microns
  • Radiation shielding energies of up to 240kV.
  • Seamless Steel/lead/steel construction.
  • Cable port with cover.
  • Powered sliding access door.