SP Scientific’s XR AirJet Sample Cooler comes in −40 C or −90 C  configurations and offers sample temperature control for EPR, NMR, and X-Ray diffraction with the help of a mechanically refrigerated, temperature-controlled air stream.

House compressed air is used for the air stream, eliminating the need for expendable refrigerants. As the dry air goes through the AirJet, it is cooled down by the mechanical refrigeration system and offers accurate regulation of heat input to regulate the air stream’s temperature.

This design strategy ensures temperature stability of +/-0.1 C. The refrigeration system can be positioned at a longer distance from the sample area through the longer delivery lines, which is specifically crucial in the case of NMR applications.

Key Features

  • Small footprint
  • Temperature range of −40 C or −90 C  to +100 C
  • Non-magnetic delivery line with a length of 8, 15, or 35 feet (248.84, 457.20, or 1066.80 cm)
  • Temperature stability of +/-0.1 C
  • Flow rates of 2 scfm (i.e., 56 lpm)

Key Benefits

  • Requires less lab space due to the small footprint
  • Avoids the need for expendable refrigerants and the problems related to delivering expendable refrigerant to the sample
  • Outstanding accuracy, stability, and repeatability
  • Longer non-magnetic delivery line enables the cooler to be used with NMR magnets


  • X-ray Crystallography
  • EPR
  • NMR