Xeno-Free Medium for M2-Macrophage Generation

The defined and xeno-free medium from PromoCell is designed for the generation of M2 macrophages from fresh monocytes.


PromoCell Macrophage Generation Media have been created for the effective generation of monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM), from newly isolated peripheral blood monocytes or from PBMC as a starting material.

The M2-Macrophage Generation Medium DXF includes M-CSF and enables the generation of M2-polarized macrophages. PromoCell’s M2-Macrophage Generation Medium DXF is a ready-to-use medium that includes cytokines for the directed differentiation of M2-like polarized MDM.

The Macrophage Media DXF are defined and xeno-free formulations for use with newly isolated cells. As a result of the utilization of completely synthetic, recombinant, or plant-sourced materials, this medium does not contain any animal-derived elements, apart from human serum albumin.


  • Basal Medium M2 (250 ml)
  • CytokineMix M2: M-CSF (for 250 ml)
  • SupplementMix M2 (for 250 ml)