The Zoom HT Washer is a robust, easy-to-use microplate washer designed for speed and throughput. Unique in the market it comes with a built-in microplate stacker that seamlessly shuttles the plates between storage and wash positions to safely automate batch plate processing. Process time for a typical 3 x 300 μl wash of a 96-well plate is 24 s including stacking only.

The Zoom HT Washer is equipped with a 96-channel wash head. The same 96-channel wash head can be used with both 96- and 384-well plates. Rapid
positioning of the wash head provides 384-well wash speeds comparable to
384-channel washers.

The versatility of the Zoom HT Washer is derived from flexible washing para-
meters. Selectable dispense flow rate and aspirate time, combined with user defined 3-dimensional aspirate profile allow easy wash optimization for a variety of applications.

The self-emptying wash fluid evacuation system discards used wash fluids in unattended mode. It supports a constant aspirate flow rate during the wash cycle. The flow rate can be set as high as 120 l / min or can be significantly reduced to facilitate gentle cell washing. The discarded wash fluid
is captured by a self-emptying waste trap which is capable to introduce de-contamination or defoaming reagent before the liquid waste is continuously drained.

An optional Dispense Module enables the Zoom HT to process complex liquid handling routines that require addition of up to two reagents between
washes or immediately after washing. Adding this plug and play device the Zoom HT instantly becomes an efficient Washer-Dispenser-Stacker combination instrument.


• 96 & 384 well
• preconfigured programs
• stand-alone (no PC required)
• 3-D aspiration
• add-on: Dispense Module for advanced dispensing


• Microplate coating
• ELISA assays
• Multiplex assays
• Cell based biochemical or toxicity assays
• Loosely adherent cell monolayers washing

Introducing Microplate Washer Zoom HT