ambr® 15 cell culture is an automated microscale bioreactor system that replicates classical laboratory-scale bioreactors.  It is widely used by major Pharma and biologics companies, academic and research institutes as a reliable microscale model for a range of upstream processes.

  • Improves early clone selection decisions by providing a predictive bioreactor model with pH and DO control
  • Increases lab productivity by managing multiple cell line development experiments (24 or 48) in parallel.
  • Reduces the cost per experiment by saving substantial amounts on facility space, capital, labour, media and consumables.
  • Helps create better cell lines faster by automating vessel set-up, feeding, base addition and sampling.
  • Simplifies adoption of quality by design (QbD) principles enabling large multifactorial experimental designs (DoE) in real time.


  • Combines single-use micro bioreactor vessels, an automated workstation and user-friendly software.
  • Two versions available – offering parallel control of 24 or 48 bioreactor experiments using just one operator.
  • Closed loop control of pH and DO with independent control of O2 and CO2 for each vessel
  • Automated liquid handling for reactor set-up, feeds, base addition and sampling
  • Software enables easy experiment construction. It controls and monitors all experiments and records data and events with a full audit trail.
  • Easy installation into laminar flow hood allowing aseptic operation
  • Optional integration with Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL® or Cedex HiRes cell viability analysers.


ambr® 15 cell culture can be used as a microscale model to unlock bottlenecks in a range of development applications such as:

  • Cell line selection
  • Media development
  • Media feed strategies
  • Process optimisation
  • QbD and DoE studies