ambr® 250 is a new bioreactor system for parallel fermentation or cell culture using 100-250mL single-use bioreactors controlled by an automated liquid handling platform. The new system, developed with two major industrial partners, builds on the original ambr® microscale technology developed by TAP Biosystems (now part of Sartorius Stedim Biotech).

  • Dramatically improves productivity and enables full DoE experiments to be performed at a fraction of the cost and with higher throughput than traditional bench top reactors
  • Enables rapid evaluation of a wide range of conditions and cell line/strain performance in a real bioreactor environment with full control of the culture conditions
  • Provides a high throughput scale-down model to explore a wide range of conditions and strains with excellent scalability to stirred tank bioreactors.
  • Reduces infrastructure costs by removing the need for extensive cleaning and sterilization facilities.


  • Combines “easy-connect” single-use bioreactors, a full automated platform and flexible system control software.
  • Fully automated system manages media fill, inoculation, sampling and feeding with minimal operator interaction during the day.
  • Integrated control of multiple bioreactors (12 or 24) simplifies DoE experimental designs
  • Integrated biological safety cabinet enclosure for contamination-free processing.
  • Two versions available – offering parallel control of 12 or 24 bioreactor experiments.


ambr® 250 is configurable for microbial fermentation or mammalian cell culture in a variety of  development applications such as:

  • Research and process development - BioPharma
  • Research and process development – Industrial Biotech
  • Research and feedstock preparation - Biofuels
  • Process robustness experimentation in support of QbD studies
  • Automation of DoE approaches to process automation