PEMF Therapy vs. Alternative non invasive treatments


TENS is defined as the act of sending tiny electrical impulses via the muscle to induce a response. The pain signals going to the brain and spinal cord can be blocked or reduced by the electrical impulses, helping to relieve or reduce muscle spasm or pain. In addition, the electric currents can trigger the production of the body’s natural painkillers – endorphins.

However, PEMF therapy is a completely different concept. This therapy involves producing a magnetic field, either stronger and more intensified forms of magnetic fields or that of the Earth’s natural magnetic field and applying it to a targeted area or the whole body. These magnetic fields can penetrate through the body without invasive methods or pain.

While PEMF therapy, similar to TENS, can prevent pain signals from passing around the body, it can also promote the natural ability of the body to heal itself instead of simply blocking the pain signals. Eventually, the PEMF therapy can help the body’s ability to heal the source of the pain instead of simply masking it like painkillers. Improved circulation and cell regeneration are also promoted by PEMF therapy.



Electrical impulses

Varied strength magnetic fields

Temporary pain relief through body’s natural

pain killer (endorphins)

Encourages the body to heal at the source of

the pain, thus fixing the problem rather

than masking it temporarily

Non-invasive but can cause muscles to convulse

and cause a tingling sensation

Non-invasive and completely pain free; there is

no sensation on low intensity PEMF systems

Static vs. PEMF

The term “static magnet” applies to those that can be found on the kitchen fridge and is usually associated with having therapeutic benefits when worn in the forms of necklaces, bracelets, and also integrated into household items such as mattresses.

While the term magnet is applied in PEMF, these two types of technology should not be mixed up. The assumption that PEMF therapy systems are associated with the static magnets that people are accustomed to ( magnetic bracelets, refrigerator magnets etc) is a common misunderstanding.

A static magnet possesses a set magnetic field, which does not change. A PEMF needs no physical static magnets. A magnetic field is created by passing electricity via a set of winding copper coils within the applicator (a mat, in many situations) instead.

This results in a relatively larger and fully dynamic magnetic field. A magnetic field is capable of generating a current in any conductive material, such as body tissues, including nerves, within its field.

The field, which is electromagnetically-induced, achieves the result of transferring charge to the body cells. This induced current can result in stimulation of cell signal pathways promoting cell growth, muscle contraction, nerve firing, and several other effects. The PEMF-generated current imitates the usual internally-generated electrical currents.


For people studying PEMF therapy, one major concern is related to the negative effects of other EMFs in the environment, and the so-called ‘electro-smog’ created by them. Many differences exist between these detrimental EMFs and the therapeutic EMFs produced by PEMF devices.

The body’s own signals will either be diminished or amplified by magnetic waveforms and frequencies. The body’s natural functions are adversely affected by harmful EMFs, whilst therapeutic EMFs behave in supportive ways like improving cellular communication and overall health.

Electromagnetic changes in the environment can adversely affect the balance of the human organism, and an unbalanced body is more vulnerable to disease.

EMFs come into contact with living systems, impacting enzymes associated with growth regulation, cell division and multiplication, and regulation of melatonin – the sleep hormone controlled by the metabolism of pineal gland.  Exposure time, frequency, and wavelength are the main differences between therapeutic and harmful EMFs.

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Which PEMF therapy device is right for me?

NewMed provides a number of PEMF therapy options to suit different needs and budgets. No set rule is in place for particular conditions and devices, but by leveraging its knowledge, experience, and client feedback from earlier studies, NewMed can propose what it feels is best for individuals.

The OMI® PEMF range is an affordable PEMF solution available in a full body mat, ring applicator and a portable pad. OMI® are a trusted brand with products on the market for over 10 years. With a range of frequencies and applications the OMI® PEMF systems are primarily for home use and include easy to use controllers and modern easy to clean synthetic leather covers.

The Magnetovital® range offers full body and usually low-intensity PEMF in a variety of applications. The portable, full body PEMF mats suit an active lifestyle, while options like the mattress topper, chair, and couch can become part of peoples home and daily routine.

With each Magnetovital mat, users can select the length of their therapy from 5 to 99 minutes or even choose the continuous treatment. In addition to this, a programmable automatic off switch is provided in each mat.

A number of applicators are also available in the Magnetovital range to target the body’s more specific areas. In addition, the Magnetovital range contains a set of PEMF devices meant for all animals, whether big or small, to help them in their recovery and wellness process.

An electromagnetic pulse is produced by the EMPpad iMRS full body PEMF therapy systems at a frequency and intensity that imitates the natural magnetic field of the Earth. It is enough to use the EMPpad iMRS systems twice a day for just 8 minutes to benefit from this ground-breaking health technology.

Full body, low-medium intensity PEMF therapy is provided by the MAS©, which is usually described as a good all-rounder. While the MAS system can be utilized on a daily basis to promote health and well-being, it is equally suitable for enhancing rapid healing and recovery, providing access to a higher intensity applicator. The system can be used to address any areas that are impacted by ailments or injuries.

Providing access to a higher intensity, full body applicator as well as a smaller applicator, the Parmeds (CURATRON) range is again designed for addressing injuries and ailments. It is also the perfect PEMF device for healthcare and holistic professionals, thanks to the ability and high intensities to design one’s own program using the PC connectivity version.

The Medicur® Pro & Recovery RX is a portable, wireless, low intensity, battery-operated system that provides PEMF therapy on the go but to specifically targeted areas. This is attributed to a receiver which can be easily strapped in place.

The highest intensity portable system, FlexPluse™, can be used on the move without disrupting everyday life. By strapping the applicators in place, the PEMF therapy can be localized to certain areas of the body to encourage quick healing. The FlexPulseTM serves as an excellent complimentary device to any full body system, providing access to the therapy on the go and making it easier to travel with.

The ELF Emmit exploits the medical knowledge of the frequencies at which the human brain works in various states of mind and promotes functioning at those exact frequencies.

This can still be achieved, although the frequency of the brain may not be aligned with what one is attempting to accomplish. It is a scientific reality that, during deep relaxation and sleep, the human brain functions from 1 to 5 Hz (beats) every second, whilst they increase up to 30 Hz per second at high concentration.

In order to produce electromagnetic pulses in the ELF Emmit headband, it sources energy from the tablet or smartphone with the equivalent power that goes to headphones. Thanks to ELF Emmit, breakthrough neuroscience becomes easy and available for all.

About NewMed Ltd.

NewMed is a division of its parent company Bedfont Scientific Ltd.  Bedfont has been successful in the medical industry for over 40 years, specialising in medical breath analysis devices as well as its leading critical care device.

Heading up NewMed is Business Development Manager Andy Smith. His father, and parent company director, suggested that Andy use PEMF therapy after he experienced complications following stomach surgery. After such a positive experience using PEMF therapy himself, Andy thought there would be no better advocate for it in the UK and that’s how NewMed began…

At NewMed we come to work everyday because we want to improve quality of life, that’s our mission and we love what we do! Everyone experiences pain at some point in life, but not everyone knows how to manage it.

Today we provide the largest variety of PEMF therapy products to the UK (with a few other health products to make it even better!). As a family run business we aim to provide our customers with honest, educational and trustworthy information. We believe that everyone needs PEMF therapy in his or her life, it’s not just a management tool, it’s prevention tool too. We like to think of it as our first aid kit!

The work we do:

We work alongside our manufacturers in the UK, Germany and the USA to provide a range of PEMF therapy and complimentary drug free pain relief products to you today. Our work has been recognised by Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc, a board certified family physician and leading authority on PEMF Therapy from North America and we now have the pleasure of working alongside him.

Published on Mar 20, 2018


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