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The epoc® System is a handheld, wireless solution that provides blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results at the patient’s bedside in approximately 30 seconds after sample introduction. Accurate results are transmitted immediately into the EMR for review by the entire care team; streamlining the patient testing process, improving patient safety, provider satisfaction, workflow and operational efficiencies.

The epoc® Blood Analysis System is comprised of the epoc®BGEM Test Card, epoc® Reader and epoc® Host2 Mobile Computer. Each single-­use epoc® BGEM Test Card features Smartcard technology with a full menu of tests on one card that can be stored at room temperature for the life of the test card.

With rapid results and a clinically driven, patient-­centered testing process, you are empowered to make faster treatment decisions that may lead to better patient outcomes. By implementing a more efficient process with reduced steps and turnaround time, you and your patient get the right result at the right time.