Funciones del hipocampo

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El hipocampo es una estructura del cerebro embutida profundamente en el lóbulo temporal de cada corteza cerebral. Es una parte importante del sistema límbico, de una región cortical que regule el estímulo, emoción, aprendiendo, y de la memoria.

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  1. Nikhil Panigrahi Nikhil Panigrahi India says:

    Is actually memory lost or is stored in some part of brain??

  2. George Curios George Curios United States says:

    Learnt  I never knew that learnt was an actual word I was always led to believe that learned should have been used to finish the sentence In the above article.

  3. Abigail Friend Abigail Friend Canada says:

    the epileptic individual is named Henry Molaison, who had a brain injury as a kid, and after that he began to have these epileptic seizures, so it is believed to be part of the cause.

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