iBox® Explorer™² Imaging Microscope from Analytik-Jena

Now researchers can take detection of fluorescent markers in small animals to a new level with the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope! The iBox Explorer2 is unique in its ability to view macro to micro in the whole animal to individual cell, subcutaneously and within the body cavity of mice. The upright optics provide an ultra long working distance and high numerical aperture (NA) for detailed fluorescent in vivo imaging.


  • Magnification ranges of 0.17x - 16.5x enables easy transition from the macroscopic to the microscope scale
  • iBox Explorer2 enables researchers to visualize micro injection of cancer cells in vivo
  • Ability to image organs and cells subcutaneously and within the body cavity of living mice
  • Optical configurations are parcentered and parfocal, allowing seamless imaging through the magnification ranges
  • Leading-edge high frame rate cooled color camera enables quick detection, image capture and high throughput
  • Easy to use software automates research with templates for reproducible, consistent results
  • Bright illumination of samples produces an intense fluorescent signal and fast exposure times
  • Unlimited selection of filters enables users to image in the fluorescent, visible and NIR ranges for multiple applications (RFP/GFP included, others optional)
  • Generate accurate data with VisionWorksLS Software


  • Tumor shedding
  • Tumor/host margins and interactions
  • Hematogenous trafficking
  • Tumor angiogenesis
  • Tumor micro environment
  • Intralymphatic trafficking
  • Micro/macro metastases
  • Primary tumor growth
  • Biodistribution