The iCup® drug screen is engineered to combine ease of use with accuracy and rapid initial results, providing a wide variety of screening devices that are easily administered within a workplace, clinic or other location.

iCup® products are designed for use in all types of industries including Fortune 500 companies, staffing agencies, construction, transportation, hospitals and laboratories, correctional institutions, counseling services, law enforcement, schools and more.

The Alere iCup® drug screen minimizes urine exposure and tests for up to 13 drugs in one device. The test device provides fast and reliable results that can be photocopied for result recording. For expanded features, try the iCup® A.D. Drug Screen with a specimen validity test.


  • Integrated test cup screens for 3-13 prescription and illicit drugs
  • Specimen validity combinations available: CR, GL, NI, OX, PH, SG
  • Self-contained cup minimizes exposure to urine
  • Fast results in five minutes