This is the second generation from the nano-TA family and it adds a powerful DSP controller to this technique which enables sub-100nm local thermal analysis for most commercially available AFMs.

This resolution is 100x better than previously reported and is made possible by our thermal probe technology which enables you to:

  • Image the sample of interest with sub 30 nm spatial resolution (in contact or intermittent contact modes) and identify the regions whose thermal properties that you’d like to study.
  • Heat a local area of less than 100nm diameter with the probe to temperatures of over 400˚C to study thermal properties such as glass transition or melting point.
  • Local heating allows very fast heating rates up to 600,000˚ C/min and eliminates thermal drift issues that plague bulk sample heating approaches.
  • Image with a heated tip to induce local thermal events over specific regions of a surface.
  • Map the temperatures across the sample with a resolution of <0.1 ºC