Joint project spurs RMIT biochemistry teaching and research

Medical science teaching and research will receive a boost when RMIT University and scientific equipment provider PerkinElmer open a newly fitted hi-tech biochemistry teaching laboratory in RMIT's Biosciences Building, in Bundoora next week.

RMIT's School of Medical Sciences has joined forces with PerkinElmer after it assisted with the cost of the upgrade to the university's biochemistry teaching laboratory, supplying $250,000 of analytical equipment and instrumentation used in medical research and diagnosis.

Head of the School of Medical Sciences at RMIT University, Professor Harry Majewski, said the PerkinElmer Biochemistry Laboratory offered state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities in a multidisciplinary environment.

He said the main complex included specialised laboratories for the university's teaching and research activities, while emphasising shared spaces that promoted a collaborative approach to science.

"The project is an extension of RMIT strategic involvement with industry. The teaching and learning programs that RMIT offers simulate real laboratory working situations," Professor Majewski said.

"Students are provided with hands-on experience using the most hi-tech and state-of-the-art equipment to help prepare them for the workplace. This, coupled with a full year placement within industry, sets them up for the best jobs within the industry."

Some of the teaching and research areas to be carried out at the laboratory include pathology, clinical biochemistry, haematology, cytopathology, molecular biology and other health care specialisations. The laboratory would be used by students from RMIT's School of Medical Sciences and PerkinElmer scientists and stakeholders.

The PerkinElmer Biochemistry Laboratory at RMIT University will be launched by Victorian Government Parliamentary Secretary, Innovation and Industry, Matt Viney on 18 October at the RMIT Bundoora Campus, Biosciences Building 223, Level 1, RMIT Bundoora West Campus, Bundoora from 4pm to 6pm.

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