PerkinElmer to provide NGS sample preparation solutions to Macrogen

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, today announced an agreement to provide Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample preparation solutions to Macrogen, Inc., a Korean-based global sequencing company.    

As part of the agreement, PerkinElmer will provide Macrogen with its Sciclone® NGS Workstation for high throughput automated Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation, the LabChip® XT nucleic acid size selection and collection system, and the LabChip® GX nucleic acid separation system, to automate and increase the company's sequencing analysis efficiency and throughput.

"We are delighted to assist Macrogen in its global mission to help realize the promise of understanding the human genome through its services, to advance better therapeutics and diagnostics for clinicians and patients worldwide," said Kevin Hrusovsky, President, Life Sciences & Technology, PerkinElmer. "Our next generation sequencing solutions are well suited for helping to ensure the quality and integrity of genomic information for use in making personalized medicine a reality."

"Advanced automation-enabling technologies are becoming increasingly mission critical for effective and efficient interpretation and analysis of the human genome," said Professor Jeong-Sun Seo, Chairman, Macrogen, Inc. "By applying PerkinElmer biotechnology solutions, Macrogen will be able to further strengthen its objective of providing high quality, best-in-class, next generation sequencing services to researchers and clinicians all over the world."

"The key to success in leveraging genomic data is the ability to combine a high degree of accuracy, with efficient high throughput in order to generate efficiencies leading to lower costs. By assuring quality and speed through advanced automation for sample preparation and analysis, we can help provide researchers and clinicians with the insights they need to revolutionize medical treatment," added Dr. Hyungtae Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Macrogen, Inc. "We have purchased new NGS sequencers to meet these demands, which resulted in doubling our sequencing capacity. In turn, the introduction of these new instruments made it essential to introduce an advanced automation system, which drove our decision to select PerkinElmer solutions."

Key features of the PerkinElmer Next Generation Sequencing solutions for Macrogen include:

  • The Sciclone® NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation is a complete benchtop solution for library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.
    • Creates 480 libraries per week
    • Performs 192 exome captures per week
    • Flexibility to run 8-96 samples per run
    • Support for multiple protocols and kits
    • Sequence capture, mRNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq
    • Sample indexing and normalization
  • The LabChip® GX system offers quick and accurate analysis of RNA and DNA samples.
    • Complete assessment of RNA quality for better gene expression data
    • Exact sizing and quantitation of DNA fragments
    • Extreme accuracy with resolution down to 5 bp and sensitivity of 0.1ng/ul
    • Flexible with 96 and 384 well compatibility
    • Comprehensive and quantitative analysis with LabChip GX software
  • The LabChip® XT fractionation system performs fast, automated nucleic acid fractionation accurately and reproducibly.
    • Reduces wasted "non-aligned" reads with tight size selection
    • Increases average read length by excluding shorter fragment
    • Faster sample processing maximizes use of sequence
    • Reduces waste and exposure to potentially harmful reagents
    • Fast, reproducible, high resolution DNA size selection

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