Fast Lyophilisation of HPLC Fractions

Fast Lyophilisation on the Genevac Series 3 HT Evaporator was developed to provide a rapid, high-throughput alternative to freeze drying HPLC purification fractions.

Evaporation in vials

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Traditional evaporation methods of removing solvents, such as water and acetonitrile, often results in formation of a gum or oil due to solvent interactions with the dissolved sample.

Employing a Series 3 HT Evaporator with LyoSpeed™ Fast Lyophilisation technology is enabling pharma labs to now routinely dry HPLC fraction samples to a powder form, such that the samples can then be accurately weighed, easily sub-sampled and redissolved.

While standard evaporation works well for most hydrophilic samples, difficulties may arise where the sample cannot dissolve in only water. In such situations, when the organic solvent is removed, the sample sometimes crashes out forming an oil which until now required further processing to achieve the desired dry powder form.

For such samples using a Series 3 HT Evaporator, with  -75°C condenser and Fast Lyophilisation method, produces powdered samples from even the most difficult to handle compounds with a success rate as high as 95%.



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