Four medtech finalists shortlisted in Cambridge Independent’s Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards

Four exciting companies have been shortlisted in this category.

Meet the impressive finalists in the Cambridge Independent’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards.

Our award winners will be announced on September 21

The winners will be announced at the Venturefest East business showcase event at Newmarket Racecourse on September 21.

Cambridge Medical Robotics

From the Crome Lea Business Park, Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) is developing machines that will be a game-changer for surgery.

Minimal access, or keyhole, surgery means patients stay in hospital for half the time, face less pain, need fewer drugs, have very small scars and, most importantly, have less chance of getting an infection or being readmitted. But it’s very tough and demanding to perform.

Robots significantly reduce the mental stresses and physical strain for this surgery and cut training time to just a few months. But existing machines are huge and very expensive.

CMR is developing the smaller, smarter and sustainable Versius system to be a portable and affordable solution for mainstream hospitals.

Inotec AMD

After a family member of one of Inotec’s founders faced years of suffering from a non-healing wound, the NATROX system was born.

A completely portable device that delivers pure oxygen to the wound bed which stimulates and improves healing, more than 300 patients whose wounds were not healing have been successfully treated with NATROX.

It is thought there are 200,000 wounds at any given time failing to heal – meaning NATROX has the potential to save the NHS money and time while significantly reducing pain suffered by patients.


Cambridge Science Park-based Owlstone Medical has developed a breathalyzer for disease. With a focus on non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, inflammatory disease, and infectious disease, the company aims to save 100,000 lives and $1.5billion in healthcare costs. It is a stark reality that 1 in 2 of us will get cancer. With current cancer treatments, detecting cancer at an earlier stage can dramatically improve survival rates.

The greatest opportunity lies not in developing new drugs but increasing rates of early diagnosis through improved cancer screening.

Capable of detecting disease biomarkers in breath, Owlstone Medical’s Breath Biopsy platform is a new diagnostic tool that accurately measures and analyses volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarkers in breath using proven microchip chemical sensor technology.

Playphysio CIC

Playphysio believes the secret to adherence to treatment lies in fun and games.

Young people with cystic fibrosis must complete daily physiotherapy, which is time-consuming and boring. Making treatment a fun and engaging activity leads to better compliance, reducing stress for families and making existing expensive drug therapies more effective, saving the NHS money.

Invented by Will Jackson, whose daughter has cystic fibrosis, myPhysioPal is a wearable that attaches to a therapy device with a wireless connection to a mobile phone. It translates a patient’s blow into their device into game controls – and the phone tracks and records sessions for doctors to review. Playphysio is now working with hospitals throughout the UK to explore how gamification could be applied to a range of conditions.

Our judges, sponsors, and supporters

The judging panel consisted of Charles Cotton, of Cambridge Phenomenon, Hermann Hauser, of Amadeus Capital Partners, Julia Gwilt, of Appleyard Lees, Nick Sayer, of Woodfines Solicitors, Caroline Austin, of AstraZeneca, Lindsey Copland, of Grant Thornton, and Cambridge Independent editor Paul Brackley, who chaired the panel.

The sponsors for our awards are: Appleyard Lees, Woodfines Solicitors, Grant Thornton and Regus.

Supporters of the awards are: the World Nano Foundation, World Science Aid and Enabling Tech Capital.

Other categories

We have also selected finalists in artificial intelligence, biotech, cleantech, and fintech categories.



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