Tradeshow Talks with Ohaus Corporation

Tradeshow Talks with
​Ohaus Corporation
Booth 2801

Why are you at Pittcon this year?

Ohaus has been manufacturing lab weighing products for over 110 years and we have been coming to Pittcon for many years now. Although Pittcon is not new for us, we do this year have a whole new line of laboratory equipment, which was launched at the middle of last year. So it's the first time we're showing all this equipment to the general public.

What are the new products you are here to promote?

We have a full line of benchtop centrifuges.

Firstly, we have the Frontier 5515 - a small non refrigerated microcentrifuge. We also are displaying our refrigerated version, The 5515R.  It has the same basic features as the non-refrigerated, same control panel, and about 7 different rotors, which can be used interchangeably between both models.


Both of these allow for high-speed centrifugation, with a maximum g-force of 21,953 RCF. We also have larger general-purpose centrifuges that can be used for high-speed centrifugation and also have swing out rotors for lower speed applications. Overall our centrifuge line is pretty vast so we're here to talk to potential customers about that.

In addition, we have a range of lab equipment and weighing products applicable to a protein purification workflow - starting with incubators to our weighing and mixing products and finishing with the high speed centrifuges, which can purify the sample.  

The final thing that we really want to show off at Pittcon this year is our new product launching next week, a HT bead mill homogenizer for high-throughput sample losing. We also provide the Lysing tubes, that come prefilled with beads. Researchers can load their sample without the need for expensive consumables in the easily accessible holder and then homogenize their sample using the pre-set programs.  

What types of researchers will benefit from using your products?

Our products can be used in academic research labs as well as the pharmaceutical clinical and food and beverage industries.  

What makes these products unique, or stand out against others in the market?

It really depends based on the specific product. For example, the centrifuge models I talked about have many different rotor combinations. They also spin at higher speeds than other competitors on the market. The quality and robustness of all of our products is something to speak about, and overall they look nice!

They look great – and small, too. I would expect them to be bigger for a centrifuge with that much power. Is that right?

It’s true. The footprint of our products is quite small and generally when we design a product we think about footprint from the front to back. We try not to design the product to take up much space left to right because that's more valuable bench space than front to back. You can see the compressors for the refrigerated centrifuges are in the backs of the unit so they're not on the side taking up valuable bench space.

OHaus Corporation can be found at Booth 2801 at Pittcon this week!


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