SCHILLER introduces Holter medilogAR for AF detection

With the launch of medilogAR, SCHILLER is releasing the latest generation of long-term ECG devices.

Work with it, laugh with it, live with it: medilogAR accompanies patients up to 14 days without having to see the doctor to change the batteries, thanks to its dual battery concept. Credit: SCHILLER AG, Romana Schiller

Record longer, edit less: these are the key advantages of medilogAR. With a recording time of up to 14 days and atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection in zero seconds, this Holter is the must-have for discerning and cost-conscious practitioners.

Robust, shock and splash proof as well as easy to clean – this makes it a device that is very fast to handle and perfectly suitable for high throughput clinics.

Two weeks of power

Thanks to the dual-battery concept, the patients can be screened for more than 14 days without having to see the doctor to change the batteries. The eco-friendly internal battery can be recharged via USB and runs for more than 7 days. With a standard AAA battery added, the runtime can be doubled, with automated AF detection.

Made to suppress artifacts

medilogAR scans for atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter by directly looking for P-waves, just as a cardiologist would. This is one of the engineering highlights of this Holter solution.

The medilogAR Holter recorder features a superior resting ECG grade 32,000 Hz sampling rate on 3 channels. This is used for true P-wave analysis, sophisticated artifact suppression and motion detection, enabling a speedy evaluation. The analysis is carried out using the renowned medilog® DARWIN2 software.

Respiratory episodes

Thanks to ECG-derived respiration recording, the medilogAR is able to screen for potential respiratory episodes during sleep. The optional SpO2 sensor, connected via Bluetooth, allows for additional respiratory information.



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