Supporting UN peace missions in Darfur and Sudan

As the UN works to protect civilians in areas of conflict around the globe, it seeks reliable and robust solutions to countless challenges. The safe management of medical, hazardous and municipal waste in war-torn areas is therefore crucial.

Supporting UN peace missions in Darfur and Sudan

The international organization has turned to Inciner8 to install and maintain incinerators at two key missions. This will help to eradicate the potential for contamination and disease from camp waste.

United Nations African Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)

UNAMID works to protect civilians and provide humanitarian assistance by UN Agencies and other aid actors amid the Darfur Conflict. Conflict in Darfur has seen tens of thousands die and two million displaced since 2003.

In an arid environment, at the heart of a long-running civil war, there is an urgent need for the easy, safe and efficient disposal of waste. This includes hazardous and bio-medical materials.

United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA)

UNISFA is a peacekeeping force in the disputed Abyei Area, which is claimed by both North and South Sudan. It protects civilians and humanitarian workers at the flashpoint border and provides humanitarian aid.

Tens of thousands of people live in this disputed border area, amid conflict and tropical conditions. Four incinerators, able to manage between 400 and 1,500kg of waste daily, were required to carefully manage a range of waste including municipal, medical and hazardous waste.

Managing waste amid conflict

As a dedicated supplier to worldwide humanitarian efforts, Inciner8 understands the intricacies of working in unstable environments. We have provided equipment which will last for numerous years, despite severe conditions.

Our incinerators’ ease of functionality allows them to be operated by unskilled but trained workers. They can be rapidly disassembled and moved to new sites as needed. As with all our projects, the incinerators will run cleanly, minimizing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

What’s more, the Inciner8 team installs the machines on site and provides full training to operators. Our commitment to maintenance sees us return to these areas of conflict to ensure the consistent smooth running of this essential waste management equipment. This eliminates one very real and urgent challenge for those working for peace across the globe.


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