Benchtop Laboratory Equipment in the Life Science Market

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Please give us an introduction to Ohaus.

Ohaus began in Newark, New Jersey in 1907 as a scale repair business, and has grown and developed over the years to become a trusted supplier of reliable and precise scales and balances, and most recently laboratory equipment. No other company in the weighing industry has the knowledge and experience to build the quality products that we do.

Ohaus has provided solutions to clients in a number of different fields, including laboratory, industrial, education and life science markets as well as various specialty markets, such as food preparation, pharmacy and jewelry industries. We provide a comprehensive line of high-performance balances and scales, which always meet our customers' needs in a cost-effective way.

Why did Ohaus exhibit at Neuroscience this year? Will you be attending any other tradeshows in the next few months?

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OHAUS exhibited at Neuroscience 2019 because it is an excellent way to interact with thousands of scientists. At a large show, it is easy to talk with them about the challenges they face and how our laboratory equipment can benefit their research. It also helps us to find those scientists who haven't considered us as a solution provider yet.

Earlier this year, OHAUS exhibited at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia, and in December 2019, we will exhibit our lab equipment and balances at MJ Biz Con; a global cannabis conference held in Las Vegas.

What products were you promoting this year, and what markets do they serve?

For Neuroscience 2019, we promoted our new product line of benchtop laboratory equipment, including centrifuges, incubating and open-air orbital shakers, pH meters, and high throughput homogenizers. All of this equipment specifically tends to serve the Life Science market. As it is being used during sample preparation, there is a need for our equipment in almost every laboratory.

All of our centrifuges are specifically designed to provide effective liquid separation and can accommodate tubes of several different sizes. For those who aren't sure which model they need, we offer plenty of information and options to help you decide.

What benefits can researchers expect to have from using Ohaus’ laboratory equipment?

Researchers can be assured that when they purchase a piece of OHAUS laboratory equipment, they can rely on the superior quality and be confident that they are getting consistent, repeatable results.

We have significant experience in the field, and customers can expect products that reflect that level of knowledge. All of our products are reliable, durable and easy-to-use, providing efficient ways to collect accurate results.

What makes Ohaus and its products unique on the market?

Our laboratory equipment is manufactured in the United States, and while it is commonly used for standard lab procedures, we do offer some unique features; making it easier and faster to carry out those procedures.

For example, our rocking shaker, which can be used for Western Blots, has the ability to electronically increase or decrease the angle of the platform while the equipment is in motion. This helps to assure that the western blot membrane gets uniform exposure to wash buffer and antibody reagents.

What makes Ohaus the global leader in the weighing industry?

Ohaus has over 110 years of experience serving the weighing industry and is recognized as a global leader in the industry.

We have an extensive line of Analytical & Precision, Portable and Industrial balances, and with the recent addition of our laboratory equipment, we can now fulfill a broader range of the laboratory’s needs.


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