SP Scientific launches the HT Series 3i Evaporators

SP Scientific has announced the launch of the HT Series 3i Evaporators, the updated replacements for the highly successful HT Series 3 evaporator range. Already established as the ultimate in solvent removal technology, the new HT Series 3i evaporators have been developed to be even more user- and environment-friendly, while enabling enhanced evaporation and lyophilization results.

HT Series 3i evaporator

HT Series 3i Evaporator. Image credits: SP Scientific

Designed for high-throughput, high-speed performance, the HT Series 3i evaporators simplify and optimize the evaporation process. Dri-Pure®, anti-bumping technology prevents foaming and bumping to eliminate cross-contamination and sample loss, especially ideal for scientists working with problematic samples in synthesis and purification. The high performance dry vacuum pump, and F-Gas compliant -75°C auto-defrost and draining condenser with R449A and R170 refrigerants, ensure the fastest, controlled evaporation of all sample types, yet with the lowest environmental impact and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

SP Scientific HT Series 3i Evaporators have been designed to accommodate a wide range of options and accessories. These include sample holders for tubes, vials, flasks and 96 well plates, and options for HCl resistance, Inert Gas Purge (IGP), and exalt controlled crystallization. The HT Series 3i range is therefore compatible with corrosive acids, explosive solvents, and common organic solvents including high boiling point solvents such as DMSO and NMP. This makes the system versatile in many different applications like post purification handling, parallel synthesis, crystallization , compound storage and more.

For users, the intuitive touchscreen controls streamline the monitoring and review of the whole evaporation process. Simplified help screens, and improved pre-set routine and automatic programming, allow the most complex, multi-stage evaporation methods to be performed quickly and easily, even by occasional users. The compact and sleek design is unmistakably robust, and a new door actuator ensures error-free access even when in constant use.

With easy operation, minimum maintenance requirements, and almost no user intervention required during a run, the SP Scientific HT Series 3i Evaporators are the most innovative and environmentally-friendly evaporators yet. Ideal for applications in early drug discovery, natural products and flavors and fragrances research.


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