2D-barcoded NMR tube scanner

The Express Scanner from Ziath is an elegant and rapid solution for ensuring the traceability of samples in 2D-barcoded Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) tubes.

2D-barcoded NMR tube scanner
The new Ziath Express scanner with a typical rack of 2D-barcoded NMR tubes (1)

This new product delivers an industry-leading fast scan and decode time for a full rack of 2D-barcoded NMR sample tubes in under 3 seconds.

Traditionally 2D-barcoded NMR tubes are difficult to read with a conventional scanner, as the caps are on the top of the tubes and most scanners are designed to read from underneath.

Working closely with a leading European NMR spectrometry lab, the Express scanner is designed to operate on top of the sample tubes without applying any weight which could damage them. In addition, for Bruker NMR spectrometer users, Ziath provides a dedicated slide for their tube carriers which can only be inserted in one orientation – thereby conserving the origin position (the “A1” position) each time.

The Express Scanner is supplied with a controller which controls scanning and data processing using Ziath industry-standard Datapaq software (version 3.17) or new DP5 web enabled software which enable exporting of tube barcodes in tables, as text, JPEG, XML, XLS files and in JSON formats.

For convenience, and to preserve valuable laboratory bench space, the Express Scanner controller can be separated and positioned under your lab bench.

For further information on the Express Scanner please visit http://ziath.com/index.php/products/barcode-scanning/datapaq-express-rack-reader



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