DSI appoints new head of project management

Design Space InPharmatics (DSI), a full-service CMC consulting firm focused on providing pharmaceutical attributes, regulatory affairs, and drug discovery and development consulting services, is delighted to announce today the appointment of Thomas Hoy to Head of Project Management. The role of Thomas Hoy will be to oversee sponsors development of new drug and chemical products, assume manufacturing leadership and managerial roles, and superintend regulatory compliance.

Tom will bring an experienced-based approach to working with the Project Management Team and all of the SME's here at DSI. As an industry executive, I'm excited at the possibility of new ideas and strategies as we prepare for growth.”

Brian Lihou, Head of Operations of DSI

Thomas Hoy is joining DSI with over thirty years of extensive experience in science research, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and supply chain management. Thomas was recently working for the Prolong Pharmaceuticals as head of operations. His key roles were manufacturing leadership and supply chain processes, development and manufacturing science operations (PDMS) , and ensuring environmental health and safety (EHS). His impressive repertoire of biotechnology expertise has influenced his appointment as the new DSI head of project management.

In 1989, Thomas supervised the development of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody, which was considered safe for human use by CBER/FDA. He also contributed to writing M&C (Manufacturing and Control) regulatory compliance section, which was later accepted by the FDA.

Additionally, Thomas has garnered a wealth of experience in managing and mentoring people under his leadership. For the last three decades, Thomas has built a strong reputation in his ability to manage several biotech teams of up to 450 employees successfully. He has successfully led small-scale and large-scale companies in manufacturing massive biologics, specialty pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, and various small molecule products.

Having worked in multiple biotech facilities, Thomas has been helping organizations achieve their goals through his high-end collaborative leadership. He is proactive in establishing a long-term internal and external relationship, overseeing contract negotiations and strategic alignment, and ensuring alliance with other members. His vast experiences in project management, coordinating technology, and his ability to develop new strategies will be critical to our clients.

Over the years, Thomas has been working for various biotech companies, and he has become skillful in biopharmaceutical manufacturing leadership, large-scale team leadership, regulatory compliance, management restructuring, supply chain management, strategic planning, and contract negotiations. His vast knowledge of biopharmaceuticals and his cutting-edge acumen have enabled him to mentor senior leaders in achieving organizational strategies.

Thomas's vast knowledge, particularly in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, will help assist clients who want to manufacture a new product. After working as a research scientist and subsequently overseeing numerous biopharmaceutical manufacturing projects, Tom's experience will be essential in creating new successful ideas and strategies. Thomas has assisted companies in acquiring FDA approval, addressing manufacturing problems for new biotech products, managing the supply chain, and is a member of the Change Control Board.

Thomas Hoy obtained his Pharmacy degree at Philadelphia School of Pharmacy and Science, and Field Of Study Business, Operations Management, Degree Name Masters in Business Administration at Drexel University, USA.


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