Entry-level laboratory sample inventory management software

Samples is a sample management tool, designed by Ziath, for laboratories tasked with keeping smaller inventories of stored samples well organized.

This powerful, yet easy-to-use software suite includes a host of features designed to streamline your sample storage workflows and makes adding and searching sample information quick and simple.

Highly intuitive data import tools allow rapid integration with existing sample databases, while its range of sample entry options and fully editable set-up parameters means the system can be optimized for your laboratory or storage facility.

Samples software includes facility for customizable tracking tags and sample types allowing you to associate fully searchable data with your samples. Creating an unlimited number of tracking tags enables laboratories to precisely describe their samples using a variety of descriptor formats including free text, quantities, dates and even links to documents such as safety or regulatory datasheets.

Laboratories using samples software can simply switch between viewing graphical displays of container layouts or a list of all containers and samples,

Designed to save you time, Samples software allows you to save frequently used searches and customize them for future use. An archive function provides access to historical data, even when a container has been permanently removed from storage.



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