Allergy - How is climate change affecting the allergy season?
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How could Gene Editing solve Food Allergies?

Food allergies are widespread within the human population. This article investigates whether gene editing could help to tackle food allergies.

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How is climate change affecting the allergy season?

AZoLifeSciences speaks to Professor William Anderegg about his latest research into climate change and how it is affecting the allergy season.

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COVID-19 and Allergies

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease characterized by symptoms that may in part overlap with some symptoms of an allergy (including asthma or eczema).

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New study to identify prenatal and early childhood markers of high risk for food allergy and eczema

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Study provides first detailed estimates of peanut allergy among U.S. adults

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Drinking cow's milk during breastfeeding linked to reduced risk of food allergies in children

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