Protein Analysis - Achieving Optimal Western Blot Results
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#ALT# Determining Absolute Stoichiometry of Oligomeric Protein Complexes

SEC-MALS enables researchers to determine the absolute stoichiometry of dynamic oligomers under different buffer conditions, as well as that of their complexes with other proteins. Watch the webinar to learn more about understanding absolute stoichiometry of oligomeric protein complexes using SEC-MALS.

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    KeysightAchieving Optimal Western Blot Results
Western Blotting is beneficial for identifying, partially quantifying relative protein levels, and establishing the size of particular proteins. Immunoblotting or protein blotting are also terms utilizes an antibody to identify a particular antigen.. Learn how to achieve optimal Western Blot results.
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   Interfacial Protein Monolayers are Strong Enough to Hold a CellInterfacial Protein Monolayers are Strong Enough to Hold a Cell
Human cells adhere to extracellular matrices, such as modified cell culture dish surfaces, and stretch into specific shapes by crawling along the solid support. But how strong does a surface need to be so that the cells do not slip?
 Researchers use AI to identify RNA binding sites on proteins
Researchers use AI to identify RNA binding sites on proteinsResearchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can accurately detect which sites on the surface of a protein bind to RNA molecules. The tool, called NucleicNet, outperforms other computational tools and provides insights that could help in the design and development of drugs.
 Aqueous Two-phase Systems: Pros and Cons
Aqueous Two-phase Systems: Pros and ConsPhase systems consisting of polymers or polymers with saltwater can be used to separate cells, membranes, viruses, proteins and other biomolecules. Aqueous two-phase systems, also known as ATPS, use the properties of the polymer surface and conformation of the materials to partition biomolecules.
 Gastric Volume Reduction Surgery Leads to Blood Serum Proteome Changes
Gastric Volume Reduction Surgery Leads to Blood Serum Proteome ChangesObesity is an increasingly common health problem. To counter obesity, gastric surgeries can be carried out to reduce the gastric volume, such as laparoscopic gastric plication (LGP). It is conceivable that a lower gastric volume leads to reduced food uptake, and thus caloric intake.
 Electrophoretic Deposition as Coating Technique
Electrophoretic Deposition as Coating TechniqueIn the process of electrophoresis, suspended particles pass through a fluid upon applying an electric field. An electric charge is carried by the particles themselves. The direction in which the particles travel is controlled by their charge. Particles that are positively charged will move toward the cathode (i.e. negatively charged electrode) through a process known as cataphoresis.