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Specialized cellular structures may hold clues to health effects of psychological stressDiscover New Technology in NMR


Learn about the latest updates and technology in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Artificial Intelligence. Learn about the record-breaking 1.2 GHz spectrometer and other new products that improve the efficiency and sensitivity of NMR experiments in the webinar. Plus more updates on Bruker probes like the BioSolids CryoProbe.

Bruker highlights the latest in NMR hardware, software, and services as presented at the Experimental NMR Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, in March 2020.

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    KeysightThe Pink CellDrop Giveaway - Win an Automated Cell Counter
DeNovix is giving away a one-off, pink version of the unique CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. CellDrop removes the need for plastic slides from cell counting, eliminating disposable costs and reducing the environmental impact of scientific research

Entry is open to all researchers around the world. Simply follow the link below to enter and share with your friends and colleagues for more chances to win!

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   What is Apoptosis?What is Apoptosis?
Apoptosis is the process of controlled cellular “suicide”. Whereas in necrosis cells die due to injury or disease, apoptosis is a natural part of the regulation and development of the body’s biological processes.
 What is Cell Culture Forensics?
What is Cell Culture Forensics?Cell culture forensics emerged as a result of the widespread contamination that plagued the work of scientists around the world during the 1970s and 1980s.
 The Cancer Cell Surface Proteome as a Therapeutic Target
The Cancer Cell Surface Proteome as a Therapeutic TargetRecent studies suggest that the cancer cell surface proteome can be used as a marker of disease.
 In-Cell Structural Biology- Future Applications
In-Cell Structural Biology- Future ApplicationsThe growing field of in-cell structural biology is providing a solution to generating the missing detail of the direct processes of the cell.
 Utilizing Cell Lines to Derive Chemosensitivity
Utilizing Cell Lines to Derive ChemosensitivityPredicting how individual patients will likely respond to chemotherapy is essential in improving the efficacy of the therapeutic technique.