Cell Biology - Complexes Using SEC-MALS
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Specialized cellular structures may hold clues to health effects of psychological stressHigh-speed, High-throughput Cell Counting

Image, analyze, and report cell concentration and viability for 24 samples in 48 seconds in with trypan blue or 3 minutes using fluorescence. Download the scientific poster to see how.

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    Keysight Understanding Protein Complexes Using SEC-MALS
Using SEC-MALS, researchers have determined the absolute stoichiometry of nucleosome assembly proteins (Naps)-histone complexes containing Nap orthologs, a new Nap paralog, and relevant deletion constructs.
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   What is Cell Biology?What is Cell Biology?
Cell biology focuses on understanding the structure and function of the cell.
 Cell Biology of Neurogenesis
Cell Biology of NeurogenesisNeurogenesis is a vital process whereby new neurons are synthesized from neural stem cells and it is an essential step in the developing embryo.
 Eukaryotic vs Prokaryotic Cells
Eukaryotic vs Prokaryotic CellsEvery living organism can be categorized into two groups, namely, prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
 The Cell Cycle
The Cell CycleEukaryotic cells pass through distinct phases known as the cell cycle.
 Study reveals mechanism through which plant hormone controls cell division
Study reveals mechanism through which plant hormone controls cell divisionThe mechanism through which cytokinin—a plant hormone—regulates the division of cells has been identified.