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#ALT# Metrohm suppressor module, advantages in ion chromatography

Suppression in ion chromatography allows measurements down to trace and ultratrace-levels, but consumable costs are always a concern. The patented Metrohm Suppressor Module, or MSM for short, is not a consumable but an integral part of Metrohm ion chromatographs for anion chromatography. Hence, there is no need for replacement. In fact, the anion MSM comes with a unique 10-year warranty. You can therefore rely on long years of accurate performance for your IC system.

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    KeysightImprove Safety, Quality and Productivity for Analytical Chromatography
Eliminate the dangers and problems associated with cylinder delivery, handling and storage. Proton OnSite® hydrogen, nitrogen, zero air and dry air generators will provide you with cost-effective, zero-inventory lab gas supplies. Unlike delivered gasses, our generators provide safe, reliable supplies of lab gases on-demand, at consistent purities, improving your lab’s daily operations.
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    KeysightHow GPC/SEC Technology is Helping R&D in the Wood Industry
In this interview, AZoM speaks to Almut Wiltner of Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnützige GmbH, about how GPC/SEC technology is increasingly being used in R&D departments of the wood industry.
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 High-performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) in the Pharmaceutical Industry
High-performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) in the Pharmaceutical IndustryHPTLC is an extension of thin-layer chromatography (TLC). Thin-layer chromatography involves the separation of different components in a sample depending upon the relative affinity of each compound towards the stationary phase or mobile phase, while HPTLC helps in better resolution of compounds with lower limits of detection and quantifies separated components with the use of an integrated software platform.
 Revealing the Molecular Basis of Fragrances using Gas Chromatography
Revealing the Molecular Basis of Fragrances using Gas ChromatographyFragrances are important characteristics of food and wellness products. Understanding the science behind fragrances remains a complex challenge, as a multitude of odorant molecules act together to give a characteristic fragrance. Advanced chromatographic methods have widely been used to identify volatile odorants from different sources, and analytical methods are continuously advancing to give improved insights.
 Authenticating Complex Herbal Products using Liquid Chromatography
Authenticating Complex Herbal Products using Liquid ChromatographyMany natural products contain pharmaceutically active ingredients, and the demand for healthy herbal products is high. This is related to their use as drugs in traditional medicine such as Ayurveda, an Indian branch of traditional medicine, as much as to the global demand for healthy herbal food supplements.