Analytical Chromatography - Life Science Applications of Chromatography
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  Analytical Chromatography  
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#ALT# Simplifying Solvent Evaporation for Sample Prep with Next Generation Systems

Many chromatographic methods require some form of sample cleanup prior to injection into a HPLC or GC system, to prevent clogging or undesired interferences. Often Sample prep includes an evaporation/recon step that adds time and complexity to the process. With new state of the art instrumentation, evaporation can be done on plates or vials in a shorter amount of time, with fewer transfer steps. The New Generation of nitrogen evaporators, such as the TurboVap® LV from Biotage, offers revolutionary performance and a user friendly interface.

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   Life Science Applications of ChromatographyLife Science Applications of Chromatography
Chromatography is widely used in life science applications. Some applications in the food, molecular biology, and forensic sectors are discussed below.
   Investigating a Wines Character using ChromatographyInvestigating a Wines Character using Chromatography
Wine is an alcoholic beverage usually produced from fermented grapes. Chromatography can be used to investigate a wine's character and taste.
   Applications of Gas ChromatographyApplications of Gas Chromatography
Gas chromatography was discovered by Russian-Italian botanist, Mikhail Semyonovich Tsvet, in the early 1900s.
   What is Flash Column Chromatography?What is Flash Column Chromatography?
Flash column chromatography is a method of chemical separation that is used to purify chemical mixtures.