Analytical Chromatography - Improving the Magnetic Separation of Biomolecules
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  August 22, 2019  
  Analytical Chromatography  
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    KeysightImproving the Magnetic Separation of Biomolecules
Isolation and purification of biomolecules (single- and double- stranded DNA, proteins, mRNAs, miRNA, total RNAs), as well as specific organs and cells facilitate a broad range of downstream applications including cloning, gene and protein expression studies, protein-protein interactions, transfection, clinical diagnostics, immunology, PCR and qPCR, cDNA library synthesis, Sanger and NGS sequencing.
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   A Computational Tool for Column Selection in 2D ChromatographyA Computational Tool for Column Selection in 2D Chromatography
Matching chromatography columns in two-dimensional liquid chromatography largely depends on the experience of the experimenter. Recently, scientists in the US have developed a computational tool to select suitable column combinations based on physicochemical properties of the column phases, and the analytes that shall be separated.
 Sugar Analysis Using Chromatography
Sugar Analysis Using ChromatographySeveral crude foods (fruits, vegetables, drugs, etc.) and processed food products primarily consist of sugars, and carboxylic and amino acids. Thus, the need for quantitative analysis of sugars is gaining critical importance, and various forms of chromatography techniques are being applied for this purpose.
 Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography Advantages
Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography AdvantagesHydrophilic interaction chromatography is a variation of liquid phase chromatography that overlaps in function with ion chromatography and reversed-phase liquid chromatography. This method offers several advantages when performing the analysis of polar or basic solutes.
 How Does Nanotechnology Improve Chromatographic Columns?
How Does Nanotechnology Improve Chromatographic Columns?Chromatography is an analytical technique that is used to separate mixtures by distributing the components of a mixture between a stationary phase and a mobile phase. Columns are used in various types of chromatography, but improvements in nanotechnology have been focussed around liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC).
 Metabolomic Profiling of an Ancient Herbal Medicine using UHPLC
Metabolomic Profiling of an Ancient Herbal Medicine using UHPLCHerbal medicines have been used for centuries in Asian countries, yet many of the active ingredients of such therapies remain unknown. Now, researchers from Argentina and Chile have carried out an assessment of the in vitro medicinal effects of the South American 'quilchamalí plant', or Baccharis grisebachii.