Fluorescence Microscopy: An Overview
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What is Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy?High-speed, High-throughput Cell Counting

Image, analyze, and report cell concentration and viability for 24 samples in 48 seconds in with trypan blue or 3 minutes using fluorescence. Download the scientific poster to see how.

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   Fluorescence Microscopy: An OverviewFluorescence Microscopy: An Overview
Fluorescence microscopy is a major tool used by scientists across many disciplines ranging from cell biology and histopathology to material sciences.
   Redefining Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging MicroscopyRedefining Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
Researchers from Japan and the USA have developed scan-less wide-field imaging methods that can image fluorescence lifetime at unprecedented speeds and capture ultrafast transient phenomena relevant to biomedical research and life sciences.
   Simple buffers can prevent photoblueing effect in microscopySimple buffers can prevent photoblueing effect in microscopy
Advances in fluorescence microscopy make it viable to image molecular complexes or individual molecules in cells with a spatial resolution of up to 20 nm.
   Fluorescent chemical dye helps track specific motor protein within cellsFluorescent chemical dye helps track specific motor protein within cells
A cell can stay alive only when it supplies all the required energy elements to its various organelles and these elements are formed in the Golgi apparatus.