Life Science Microscopy - Observing 3D Microscopic Images using Virtual Reality
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#ALT# CleanBench Aktiv - The Next Generation of Vibration Isolation Tables

The CleanBench Aktiv lab table is TMC's latest breakthrough in advanced floor vibration control. Ideal for optical, confocal, and scanning probe microscopes, the CleanBench Aktiv table starts isolating below 1 Hz and improves isolation up to 40x vs. the best air isolation tables.

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    KeysightObserving 3D Microscopic Images using Virtual Reality
We recently spoke to Dr. Christopher Zugates to discuss a revolutionary way of analyzing complex 3D images… through virtual reality! Dr. Zugates explains how transformative it is to be immersed in complex datasets, interpreting images that appear in front of you.
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   The Different Types of Imaging ReagentsThe Different Types of Imaging Reagents
The types of imaging reagents utilized by the biological and medical imaging reagents market include fluorescent probes and dyes, fluorescent proteins, nanoparticles, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and X-ray contrast reagents, and imaging radiopharmaceuticals.
 Portable optical biosensor slashes sepsis diagnosis time
Portable optical biosensor slashes sepsis diagnosis timeSepsis claims one life every four seconds. It is the primary cause of death in hospitals, and one of the ten leading causes of death worldwide. Sepsis is associated with the body's inflammatory response to a bacterial infection and progresses extremely rapidly: every hour that goes by before it is properly diagnosed and treated increases the mortality rate by nearly 8%
 What is Fluorescence Force Microscopy?
What is Fluorescence Force Microscopy?Fluorescence force microscopy is a combination of atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy, which allows molecular dynamics to be studied. The technique can be applied to single molecules, allowing a more in-depth study of protein folding, for example in cellular dynamics and cell movement.
 Portable Microscopes: Advantages and Disadvantages
Portable Microscopes: Advantages and DisadvantagesPortable optical light microscopes are widely used tools in the field of microscopy. Found in laboratories both large and small, as well as schools and colleges, they are a simple and elegant solution that helps scientists peer into the microscopic world and reveal structures invisible to the naked eye.
 What is High-Resolution TEM (HR-TEM)?
What is High-Resolution TEM (HR-TEM)?TEM or transmission electron microscopy is a common analytical technique used to study very thin specimens in a 2D plane, rather than producing 3D images like in SEM (scanning electron microscopy).