Life Science Microscopy - Want to ensure properly prepared cryo-EM samples?
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  June 5, 2019  
  Life Science Microscopy  
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#ALT# Imaging the Internal Detail of Biological Tissue and Cells in the SEM

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), toddlers and children at pre-school age have the highest prevalence of anaemia, constituting 47.4% of their population group. This prevalence is largely because of poor nutritional choices.

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    KeysightWant to ensure properly prepared cryo-EM samples?
As a vital step in the cryo-EM workflow, it is important to properly understand and follow the sample preparation steps. Of equal importance is possessing the right set of equipment to prepare a cryo-EM sample.

Learn more about how Thermo Fisher Scientific provides workflow assistance and the requirements that should be met before studying the sample.

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