Oncology - Culturing Organoid Models to Combat Lymphomas
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Oncology Newsletter
This Oncology Newsletter Recognises World Lymphoma Awareness Day

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Oncology news stories from News Medical...

Managing Manufacturing Costs of GMP Materials for Developing Cell Therapies

Immune cell therapies are revolutionizing the medical approach when it comes to treating lymphomas. However, this treatment is expensive for patients, stemming from complex manufacturing processes associated with cell therapies.

ACROBiosystems' safe, effective, and high-quality GMP-grade cytokines are designed to help cell therapy developers manage their GMP costs when scaling-up or scaling-out cell therapy manufacturing.

Optimize your cell therapy

What are Cytokines?

The term "cytokine" is derived from a combination of two Greek words - "cyto" meaning cell and "kinos" meaning movement. Cytokines are cell signalling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses and stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma.

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Undruggable: The Current State of Drugging Cancer Targets

The term 'undruggable' refers to proteins or targets that are challenging to target with conventional drugs. Researchers have made progress in developing drugs that can interact with these proteins, meaning terms such as 'difficult to drug' or 'yet to be drugged' may be more suitable.

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Oncology articles from News Medical...

Culturing Organoid Models to Combat Lymphomas

Organoid modeling not only plays a role in advancing the understanding of lymphomas but can provide tumor organoids that mimic tumor growth. These organoids enable the development of personalized treatment plans to select the best treatment route per individual.

Explore ACROBiosystems' catalog of cytokines to find the right growth factors to culture your organoids.

Culture organoids now

What is Lymphoma?

Lymphomas are cancers of the lymphoid cells in the body. Cancer of the lymphoid tissue can be treated using anticancer drugs, radiation or bone marrow transplantation therapy.

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Lymphoma Treatment

The treatment approach to lymphoma depends on the type and stage of lymphoma and several other patient factors such as age and general health. Different factors determine the therapy for lymphomas.

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More Oncology stories from News Medical...

Targeting the Peptide-MHC in Lymphoma Research

The Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) is closely related to the occurrence and development of tumors. MHC and tumor cell-related pathway components have been identified in various human tumor cells, including in Classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

ACROBiosystems' natural MHC complexes can better support your MHC-related research in tumors with both monomeric and tetrameric forms available.

Improve your lymphoma research

Lymph nodes and Disease

Lymph nodes are filters in the lymphatic system that sieve out infectious material as well as toxins that come via the lymphatic channels. The diseases or disorders of the lymphatic system and lymph nodes include lymphedema, lymphadenopathy and so forth.

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Hodgkin's Lymphoma Classification

Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL), also referred to as Hodgkin's disease is a form of cancer that primarily affects the lymphatic system. HL generally starts in a lymph node and can spread to nearby lymph nodes and eventually invade different organs outside of the lymphatic system.

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