Drug Discovery and Production - Minimizing Personnel Exposure to Hazardous Drugs
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    KeysightMinimizing Personnel Exposure to Hazardous Drugs
This article describes workflow strategies to reduce environmental and personnel exposure to hazardous drugs (HDs) in the compounding pharmacy. Where does contamination come from? Is the right level of contamination mitigation equipment present? Do I have the right set of workflows? This article delves into these questions and more.
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    KeysightWhen HPLC fails, ion chromatography is the solution in pharmaceutical analysis
Whether you’re testing active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients, IC helps overcoming limitations of HPLC. Why? IC is ideal for the separation and determination of ions and polar molecules, both organic and inorganic. IC uses conductivity detection, and because chemical suppression lowers background conductivity, sensitivity is not an issue. This makes IC suitable for trace- and ultratrace-level measurements. Watch the latest video from Metrohm to learn more.
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 Custom-made oligonucleotide therapy for girl with fatal Batten disease
Custom-made oligonucleotide therapy for girl with fatal Batten diseaseSufferers of fatal Batten disease have been given new hope as scientists develop a custom-made therapy for a young girl. The drug has been shown to reduce the symptoms of the condition and slow the rate of cell death that is characteristic of the disease.
 High-performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) in the Pharmaceutical Industry
High-performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) in the Pharmaceutical IndustryHigh-performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is one of the many sophisticated, flexible, robust, and cost-effective separation techniques employed in the discovery, development, and analysis of new drugs.
 Cell death 'blocker' could speed recovery and save lives
Cell death 'blocker' could speed recovery and save livesScientists in Australia have shown that they can successfully stop the process of cell death through the use of a revolutionary new compound. This innovation carries huge implications that are likely to change the face of the future of healthcare, most notably, scientists believe they can develop this work to increase patient’s chances of survival following acute injury.
 New protein painting technology could transform drug discovery process
New protein painting technology could transform drug discovery processGeorge Mason University researchers have discovered the exact location where two proteins responsible for hiding cancer cells from the immune system bind. This discovery provides a novel approach to developing new cancer immunotherapy medicines that can be administered as a pill, compared to existing intravenous therapeutics.