novAA 350 Atomic Absorption Spectrometry from Analytik-Jena

The novAA 350 represents a fully automated flame system with double beam mode and automatic 8-lamp turret. The novAA 350 is designed to meet the challenges of the most routine analysis and demanding applications.


  • Robust design for handling complex matrices and resists difficult lab environment
  • High degree of automation through intelligent auto optimization routines and accessories
  • Fully automated 8 lamp turret for highest sample throughput
  • Single beam and double beam optics
  • Very strong background correction with Deuterium lamp
  • Intuitive user guidance

Hydride technique:

The combination of the hydride technique with the novAA® 350 enables the analysis of hydride forming elements, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn:

  • Combination of Continuous Flow and Batch mode for hydride technique
  • Integrated amalgamation unit (gold-platinum-net) for best detection limits of mercury
  • Integrated electro thermal heating