1. John Dee John Dee United States says:

    This article's title and sub-title holds the answer to this myth that is being propagated by the LGBT community itself.  
    The bi-line states "Homosexuality is quite common in the animal kingdom, especially among herding animals. Many animals solve conflicts by practicing same gender sex."  

    The word "hearding" says it all.  For anyone in the gay community that seems to not watch anything unless its about being gay, hearding anilimals always have an "Alpha Male" that fights with the other males for the right to mate with the female of the species.

    This is natures way of insuring the survival of the species. Its also where the old addage "Only the strong survive" comes from.

    With no ability to mate with the females, we may from time to time see the other makes engage in what  we humans see as "homosexual behavior" but even that needs to be examined further.

    You see, animals do not possess the ability to use "human" logic and reason.  In fact in most instances their thought process revolves entirely around eating and mating with the female of the species.

    Without the ability to use logic and reason, NONE of these animals even know what "homosexual behavior" even is, let alone know how to "practice" it.

    All they know is that only the alpha male is getting laid.  [email protected]

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