1. Western O'Connor Western O'Connor United States says:

    you can interpret the bible in many ways.  some common interpretations are
    1. that adam was the first man. (another interpretation is there were men, and he was a sort of special man, (this fits with the bible as well, and it fits with historical humanlike bones of neanderthals and such.) his name Adam translates to face that blushes with blood. a description that fits most with whites)
    2.cain killed able, and was marked and made black.

    before the flood, god told noah to take "2 of every flesh" so this could translate to 2 of every race. there is no way to fairly even postulate that white man came after the flood. theres simply no evidence or reason to beleive that.

    the bible chapters you gave, really bear no relevancy... mabye you are talking about when god says he took the israelites out of egypt? and you assume because egypt is in africa, therefore the people coming from egypt where black? a far stretch.... but only thing atleast remotely reasonably.

    as far as inventions go.... before 2000 years ago, blacks had invented perhaps huts, chairs, tables and torches..... since learning from western society, they have made a few inventions.... anytime the poster invention for your race, is peanut butter xD haha .. well blacks did patent a refrigeration device, i do believe the device and technology was made before, but the black had just patented it for use to refrigerate. and they did a few things. nothing too noteworthy though.... nothing to brag about.

    • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

      Actually they state that only one of the daughter of Noah's sons would be what you considered white. All white people with blue eyes are genetically related to each other. The word Black is a misinterpretation btw think turned dark or evil. Cain was turned Bad by his deeds. This was a common mistranslation bandied about by racists in the 60s.

      I have digressed. Noah and his sons make the basic color pallet of non whites according to biblical texts which makes sense because the people telling the story wouldn't meet the white barbarians till some time after.

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