1. WTF
    Flabbergasted Flabbergasted United States says:

    Since every-one seems to be airing their wacky ideas, here is mine.

    Why do Asians seem to do better than blacks in the US?

    For me the answer is simple, and runs thus:

    Most white men have a strong fear of black men. There is nothing scarier to an average white man than a black man unshackled - in a position to freely compete and challenge.Many white men fear this because they have a deeply repressed dread that they would come the worse off in such a situation. Irrational, if you ask me, but oh so true.They may feel the same with regards to Asian men but not with the same intensity. So these Asian men have more chances of doing better as they do not face as many hurdles from the MAN.

    Out of this widely held insecurity complex has sprung the myth of the inferiority of the black man to the white man - the greatest fraud in human history.

    Why is it a fraud? Simply because those who have propounded and propagated it have shown by their actions that they do not believe in it.

    Simply because if black men were really inferior to white men, then the attitudes of "race conscious" white men towards blacks should have been characterized by paternalistic benevolence. Instead much of modern history has been characterized by the unscrupulous but futile attempts of the white man to repress and shackle the black man.

    If black men were really dumber than white men - then why the repressive legislation and practices in matters of professions. Why the death penalty for any-one found teaching slaves to read and write? Surely with their lower cranial volume blacks would naturally not pose any threat. There would therefore be no need for the unpleasantness that has characterized much of Black-White interactions in history.

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