1. RYU BK RYU BK United States says:

    "Blacks tend to be more masculine than whites or asians"
    Only African-Americans are. Body structure of pure Africans aren't as tall or big as the African-Americans. Ever considered the diet? Out of all the meat products available, chickens are grown the fastest through the method of steroid. Chickens are fully grown in 2 weeks time. Their bodies grow, but their head remains small and are sold as headless chickens over at the supermarket. The very same chickens sold in popeyes and KFC. Now imagine feeding that to people, it's indirect steroids. Why do you think kids get periods or grow pubic hair faster than the 60s or 70s? In Asia, average height of South Koreans tower over at 3"+ compared to the Japanese or Chinese. South Korea is the #1 importer of American meat. While vegetable and rice is the main diet in all three countries, meat tends to be on the Korean(Galbi & SamGyupSal) table a lot more than the Chinese or Japanese(mainly fish-Sushi/Sashimi).

    "Blacks dominate sports and athletics"
    You're strictly refering to Basketball and Football. Please do not count Tigers Woods in golf. He's the only African-American and he doesn't count, because he's actually half Asian. Even if we're talking about football and bastketball, please consider the diet. You might squeeze in one or two pure Africans to play basketball(Mutumbo, Olajuwon), but those heights aren't natural in Africa and are seldomly rare, as Yao Ming in China, while it's common here in America. You certainly do not see as many pure African players in football as their built aren't made the same as African-Americans. You might also want to check the build on American-Whites compared to European White or American-Asians(pure American born) compared to Asians. With that said... Soccer, Swimming, Hockey, Ice Skating(Figure), Golf, Tennis, Ping Pong, Archery, etc. are dominated by Whites and Asians.

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