1. Babak Navabi Babak Navabi Saudi Arabia says:

    China was at one point in time far superior in technological achievement ( gunpowder, paper, ship building, etc. etc. ) than any Caucasian country. The emperor decided that non-Chinese were barbarians and it is better nothing to d with them lest they become polluted.  They burned all the ships and isolated themselves.  It was the isolation ( like in Japan) and imposed uniformism that prevented them to benefit from new ideas and thus fall behind technologically.

    • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

      This is the usual explanation for China's lagging the West for several hundred years, but it seems to suggest  that the Chinese would have progressed as the West did if the emperors had not decided to isolate China -- but China did not progress and the West did, without contributions from China. Some Western inventions made it into China, and the Chinese did nothing with them. Your explanation may satisfy you but it begs the question why the West progressed for several hundred years and China did not.

      • jhon jacson jhon jacson Canada says:

        Because europeans had each other to compete with and war with and they also competed with north africa and the middle east. China was and Japan were wholly isolated, and if you look into japanese history, the moment they started opening up to the west they got a huge tech upgrade, then they closed their borders to any non japanese and then they opened up again and now they are a technological superpower. Isolation breeds stagnation no matter which culture it is.

    • Henry Stoneking Henry Stoneking United States says:

      Is always asking white scientists to come and help them design anything, such as trains.  They steal intellectual property.  No asian country is known for creativity, which Whites seem to have a stranglehold on.  Asians have small brains.  Women have small brains which also shows how, when they act irrationally, we should accept them as being a smaller brained creature.  Handling stress seems to be a weakness for the small brained races, and women.  They just lose control of their emotions, and lash out at others.  White brains are so much larger than any other race, to state that Asians have the biggest brains is simply more antiwhite racism, and people being scared of the truth.  Inventions are all white people/men.  The best writers.  The best musicians.  The best athletes.  There is no comparison.  But this does not mean that all other races have no value; they merely have smaller brains.

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