1. Thomas Kable Thomas Kable United States says:

    North Africans, like the Moors from Morocco, are Berber, not Sub-Saharan black. This is a common misconception African Americans make all the time Ali Denver. Black people come from Sub-Saharan Africa, meaning below the Sahara Desert. North Africans are Berbers and Egyptians, people who look Middle Easter to us, they are not black. Various Islamic empires took holdings in Spain from the Germanic Visigoths and held them for close to 700 years before being driven out by Christians. No blacks ever ruled Spain or anywhere in Europe.

    • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

      Wrong Egyptians Moors etc. These lands have always maintained people who you would consider to be black. Go to INDIA the middle East even certain parts of Eastern Europe you will find people you would consider black have been there for a long long time.
      This does underscore a earlier point about the obvious mixing of races making any distinction just not credible at this point your basically going on skin color for a handful of generations.

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