1. Bob Murdoch Bob Murdoch Canada says:

    I am a white guy born with an IQ in the upper 5 percentiles meaning that my mind works quicker and more organized than 97% of the people I meet.
    One of the few people I have met that impressed me mentally was Malcolm X. Some of the ones that impressed me the least were CEO's of major companies and politicians who control our daily lives. The latter two all white by the way.
    Another person who impressed me greatly was someone who was counted out as mentally deficient but through hard work and determination became a very good lawyer. He may not be the fastest thinker but he is very thorough, makes no mistakes and catches things I have missed.
    From what I have read on this subject I can not conclude from my own reasoning that IQ is stratified so clearly across ethnic lines as to make a significant difference. I will say this how ever that success in life has more to do with attitude, perspiration and persistence than skin colour

    • Joseph Stern Joseph Stern United States says:

      A person in the upper 5th percentile by definition scores at least as high as (100 - 5)% = 95% of the sampled population; not 97%. This is more typically referred to as the "95th percentile", rather than the "upper 5th percentile". Also: should someone in the 95th IQ percentile not understand the difference between one data point (Malcolm X) and a data set of statistically significant size? Just a thought. Cheers.

      • Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

        He's plainly lying about his "intellectual" merits .... the appalling mathematic error he opens his statements up with is a perfect testimony to his low intellect.

        He lies about being competent white, in order to make his statement of "it's not about race, it's more about persistence and attitude" seem more legitimate than it would be coming from a black man (i'm guessing he's black in reality)

        Even though the very article here highlights that intelligence differences already play out at age 3 before education and culture has any impact on one's intellectual merits.

        He also says "From what I have read on this subject I can not conclude from my own reasoning that IQ is stratified so clearly across ethnic lines as to make a significant difference."

        Only a black man could ever say that ... because any white man inherently knows that the fact that white people invented nearly everything relevant on the planet today, whilst blacks invented nothing, and this clearly has everything to do with race.

        • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

          He says in -
          This includes the higher as well as the lower in theory a person who lets say is in the 99% percentile is also about the 95% percentile the 97% percentile etc. I find it hard to believe that you people think your smart.

          Let me put it plainly. He is saying he is smarter than 97% of the population I assume he is getting this from standardized testing he received as a child as am I!

    • Elise Harris Elise Harris United States says:

      How's that high IQ working for you in life?

    • Stephen Pollington Stephen Pollington United States says:

      Anecdotal, ideologically possessed, far-leftist (postmodernist), equal outcome, utopian garbage...

    • Frank from Iowa Frank from Iowa United States says:

      For such a brilliant guy you seem to have no understanding of statistics. Your very few personal observations have no statistical significance at all.

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